Animal Communication – Clairaudience

November 2, 2010


 Send messages by speaking to your pet in your mind

 Receive messages by listening to your pet speak to you

 Here’s an example of sending and receiving using clairaudience:

 My little dog Henry gets very excited when I come home from, well, anywhere. I leave the house, walk to the end of my driveway to get the mail and he’s there at the door very excited to see me after 5 minutes of absence. What I do to help him calm down prior to coming home from work or when I’m out and about is to talk to him in the car before arriving home. I usually try and do this about a mile or so away. I think about him and tell him I’m coming home soon. When I remember to do this he is always much calmer and shows much less anxiety. This is especially true when I stop at the pet store prior to coming home. He is picking up all that concentrated energy and focus that I am putting on the selection of food and treats.

  When I first brought Henry home from the rescue organization, I would give him and Jack little treats. When I would hold out the treat, he was hesitant to take it from me. Jack does not have an issue in this area and is not shy about taking his cookie. One day in frustration while holding the treat out I thought to myself, why the heck doesn’t he take this treat? Instantly I heard, “my neck hurts”. In that moment I realized that I was holding the treat up too high and it was difficult for him to grab it. I’m used to handing things to a Doberman whose head reaches my waist. Since I was unaccustomed to smaller dogs, I didn’t realize it was difficult for poor little Henry. From that day on I would bend down which made it much easier for him to take the treat.

 When working with pet owners I often hear the animal speaking to me, especially when the animal is in spirit. The pet will often talk about their life with their owner, all the things their owner has done for them and the joy they brought to their lives. Animals have specific likes and dislikes and love to express them when they have a chance.

Animal Communication – Clairvoyance

November 1, 2010


  • Send mental postcards to your pet


  • You may receive a picture of a scene or reenactment of an event


Here’s an example of sending and receiving using clairvoyance:

I was teaching my dog Henry to return a ball after it was thrown. He mostly just picked up the ball, dropped it and started barking in the spot he found it. I would try and coax him over by calling him. He wouldn’t budge.

The next few times I threw the ball to him, I would put the ball in my hand, showed him the ball in my hand and I would send him pictures of the ball in my hand. I would say his name to get him to look at me and then send the picture. Then I would throw the ball. When he was true to form and chased after the ball but stood and barked, I didn’t say a word. I only pointed to my hand and sent him pictures of the ball in my hand. After several attempts of communicating with him in this way, he ended up bring the ball to me without me saying a word.

When I do pet readings, I often receive information about a person’s pet through pictures. An owner showed me a picture of a little dog hanging on the couch. The pet showed me they liked sleeping on the bed of the owner, in particular on the owners the pillow. I confirmed this with the owner. Then I heard they wanted a pillow in their own bed. I knew this because they showed me their own bed and then I heard the pet say they wanted a pillow as well (in their bed).

Animal Communication – Sending and Receiving

November 1, 2010

Animal communication is the ability to communicate with your pet telepathically. There are many uses of animal communication including calming an animal, taking them to the vet, long distance communication and working with rescue animals.

 There are different ways to connect with your pets: clairvoyance, clairaudience, kinesthetic, taste/smell and clairsentience. In the previous blog entry you will have completed your sense assessment.

 Here are additional tips and tricks for communicating with your pet.

 Sending information:

 Sending is much easier than receiving

Send messages that your pet will understand

Message should be clear, positive, simple

 Receiving information:

 Get quiet and focus


Make the attempt to see things from the animals perspective

Remember that animals communicate differently than us. See things from their perspective. We may be told a certain pet food is delicious but count on your pet to let you know whether it is delicious to them or not.

Animal Communication – What is it?

July 20, 2010

Animal communication is the ability to communicate with your pet telepathically. There are many uses of animal communication including calming an animal, taking them to the vet, long distance communication and working with rescue animals. As with our psychic connection, there are different ways to connect with your pets. These include clairvoyance, clairaudience, kinesthetic, taste/smell and clairsentience. I don’t typically advise the taste or smell. After all, we all know what our pets do with their mouths!  You will, however, still be able to tell taste and smell with the other senses. For example, I changed the dog food I was using and my Doberman, Jack let me know telepathically he didn’t like the chunks by send me a picture. At the time I was asking myself why he didn’t like the food and a picture came through and I opened myself up to the answer. Would I have liked to taste the food? Besides being a vegetarian, no way would I want to taste dog food.

Here is an easy sense assessment you can use to determine whether you relate to the world through sight, sound, feel, taste, smell or knowing.

Sit very still for a minute or so. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. What is the first or most obvious thing you notice?

  1. Do you hear the sounds of traffic, cooling/heating system, birds singing, a dog barking.
  2. When you close your eyes do you see color or images in your minds eye?
  3. Do you notice smells in the air?
  4. Do you have physical sensations such as an achy back, a slight headache, empty stomach?
  5. Do you feel your tongue in your mouth, the taste of your last meal or toothpaste/mouthwash?


Try this assessment again if you have difficulty. Don’t over think the process or the results.

What is a prediction?

April 22, 2010

First and foremost I want to say that we each have free will and we make our own future.  I believe it’s important for us to live our lives instead of waiting for predicted future events to play out. When I was in my twenties, I would periodically go to psychics and they would give me predictions. I admit I would sometimes wait for these events to happen.  I learned a great lesson from those few experiences and I have incorporated them into my own method of predicting future events .  We  make our future happen through our own actions, not through a psychic telling us. This is true for all life events.  Predictions should enhance and help our experiences, not define them.  That’s my perspective.  When I look forward, sometimes the prediction represents actions that you have taken. That’s why it’s important to just note the information I give you.  The guidance provided is to help with the event.  I may see something coming up that implies a situation may be challenging. I see it and then receive information on top of that which helps you manage the situation. For example, I saw an event in six months with one of my clients that I heard “family drama”. I focused in more and the information that came on top of that was that she should handle the problem by not trying to control the situation. She was to go with the flow and provide support. It wasn’t revealed to me what the family drama was only how to handle it.  This represents my “we make our own future” approach.  I think this is kind of interesting. It begs the question, is the information given to a psychic  in alignment with their own philosophy? I guess that’ll be a future blog entry at some point.  Back to the story.  I spoke with the woman later on and the event played out at the six month time frame. Here’s what ended up happening: Her daughter became pregnant at nineteen. She reported to me that she remembered what I told her and she didn’t try and control the situation. Big picture, she was much happier by letting go of control.  In the end, her experience was a better one because of the guidance that was given to her. That’s what I think is most important. The information is about helping with life’s ups and downs.  If a client forgets about the advice when the time rolls around, it’s not really a big deal. It just means that the negative aspect of the event may last longer than it would have otherwise. Periodically when I predict an event  I see it may be changed through action that a person takes in the present.  This is rare but it does happen. Mostly the predictions are how to manage an event. When I do future predictions,  I seldom know what events lead up to the topic being brought up.  I report what I see, feel, hear or know about a particular time line.  It’s like fast forwarding a movie. I see the event playing out but I’m not sure how you get there.  This may represent the fact that we are suppose to experience certain events that will hopefully help us grow as a person.  Predictions don’t always play out – that’s because life is fluid, it’s always changing.  Sometimes our perspective determines whether a prediction plays out or not.  I had a client that was going to have to sell his home. I told him this and I saw that within six months there would be movement around the situation. From that he heard “I keep my house” . We spoke later and he said I got it wrong. I was curious so I asked him what event around the home happened in that six month period. He said that in fact he had cleaned out his house in preparation to sell it and had a yard sale. That was the movement I apparently saw (moving toward selling the house).  The future isn’t always the way we expect it to be. In this example, the information was about preparing the client for the eventual sale of the home.  This happens with me when I do predicting for myself. I get a time frame and an event along with a situation. I believe it means one thing, looking in a particular area that I might want something to happen and the situation ends up coming out of left field, from a different direction.  Now when I predict for myself I keep an open mind and try to remember what I was told in my meditation and review later on.

Predicting – How Does it Work?

April 6, 2010

People have asked me about predictions so I’m going to try and explain how it works from my personal experience.  The way I look into the future is by first focusing in on the present day, date, and month.  My mind is on the present time period, I open myself up and this creates grounding for me. Going across time like this can sometimes mess with my equilibrium. It’s kind of interesting actually. There’s a definite movement that happens in the experience of doing across time lines. As I focus, which takes 10seconds or so, I will begin to hear, see, know the time frame. I write it down and state it out loud. I then focus in on the time frame and I begin to see, feel, hear, know again. A lot of times the information flows through visually in a symbolic way. For example, I may see the client standing with their arms crossed in front of them.  I then get what that means. Sometimes the description can start as a word or phrase. For example “challenge” or “an opportunity presents itself”. This first bit of information is like standing at an entrance to a door right before walking through it into the room. From there information starts to flow (in other words I walk into the room). I will get a situation, and with that situation more information about the client may come through, such as the person is impatient . So information about that part of their personality and how it relates to the situation is presented. As the future event builds I eventually ask my guides, “what’s the point?” and that’s the best part because this is where the information that comes through helps the client manage the event in a way that results in better outcome. If a client doesn’t follow the guidance, it just means that the situation is just a little more difficult. An example is during a future event that I was talking to a client about I was told that this person (when the situation comes up) should just be quiet because she would regret opening her mouth. I saw the client maybe 6 months later and she laughed about how she said something and did regret it. So that’s the process and that’s the way it works during a session.  I personally do this same method for myself and I am able to get the same type of information except that it’s more compact.  I have reviewed old channeling material to find that the events described played out in my life. More on prediction in the next blog entry.

Recorded Voice Experiment

March 29, 2010

When a client says their name during a reading, I focus intensely on that vibration and energy.  I receive information about that person through hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing. The same is true when a client gives me the names of other people. I have in the past been asked for guidance from hiring professionals to see what type of employee a person would end up being.  It turns out there is no difference between whether I am receiving names in person or over the phone.  One of my students knows that I am able to describe people in this way so she asked me if she could give me a few names of realtors that she was thinking of hiring.  I agreed but I didn’t have time for her to say the names to me at that moment. Based on my impressions of how vibration and energy work, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could “read” names that were recorded. I had my student call and leave the names on my voice mail.  Later that day I picked up my messages and wrote down the names she left. Immediately I began to receive information about these realtors just as I would have if she were saying them live.  Prior to calling my student back with the information, she had done some of her own investigation. So, as I read to her  what I had written down about them, she concurred based on her own impressions as well as feedback from others. There are two interesting things about this little test. My student did not know anything about these people yet I was able to receive correct information about them. The other interesting aspect is that her voice was recorded. This opens up a whole new element to connecting to someone’s personality.  Could I listen to a recording of someone and create a profile based on the sound of their voice? I think it’s possible. One of the experiments I would love to try at some point is jury selection. Focusing in on the sound of their voice, them saying their name, I should be able to reveal their personality and therefore help in jury selection. Anyway, I think it would be fun to try.  To test the recorded voice further, when a friend of mine asked me about a work situation, I asked them to call and leave the question on voice mail. I was able to provide her with more information and insight into her situation than just answering the question.  I love testing and experimenting with my abilities so if any of my readers have an idea, I’m game to try!

A Little Experiment

March 29, 2010

I was standing in line at the grocery store yesterday  and  there was a woman standing behind me. Typically there is this unspoken personal space rule that most of us follow.  For some reason this person had left her rules at home because she was standing very close to me. Hey, what can I say, I like my personal space. We were both waiting for the customer in front of me to check out. I could feel her anxiousness as she moved closer and closer. So, as I waited for the person in front of me to finish up I thought why not try a little aura repellent experiment. The backward stares of “”what the heck lady” produced no response so why not?  She looked a bit grumpy anyway and I wasn’t catching her eye so maybe a little energy would get her attention.  I started to imagine my aura gently pushing back on her. I used the color white as an energy boost with the intent to get her to be less than 3 inches from me. (White for me is very protective and I use it at the start of my day.  This helps me give energy and connection during my readings without picking up too much from my clients.)  I imagined my aura growing in size, especially in the back area of my body.  As I was focusing on this I could swear I saw her adjust a bit. I thought, yes! It’s working!  But she didn’t move back at all.  I then started formulating another approach when thankfully it was my turn to check out.  Typically it’s polite to wait at the start of the check out table while the other person finishes their purchases, payments.  This implies at least a distance of two to three feet. I was looking forward to having some breathing room. However, the woman behind me had a different idea and actually followed me up to the place where I was going to pay. This time she stood even closer. OK, so maybe she was in a hurry and maybe I could have asked her to give me a little space but I wanted to try “the look” one more time.  I don’t like confrontation.  As I looked back, this time the woman actually smiled at me and seemed more relaxed. I couldn’t believe it! The flow of energy I was trying to use to have her move back actually had her move closer to me.  So, I gave up and let her stand as close to me as she wanted. I guess that’s not a bad thing that she seemed happier. Although the woman was literally touching me as I handed the cashier payment, I realized that the energy repellent ended up creating a new best friend. So maybe the experiment didn’t work out the way it was intended, but in the end the test proved once again how powerful our energy field, our aura can be.

Clarity Exercises

March 14, 2010

Although everyone has the ability to tap into their own intuition, exercise and practice will help a deeper connection to take place. I will list two different exercises to try and I will also periodically add exercises to this blog. Remember these are meant to help you get better in tuned with your spiritual/psychic self. Have fun with these exercises and keep trying!

The first may seem kind of lame but it is extremely useful in getting in touch with your intuitive senses. If you have an issue you have to decide on that’s a one or the other type of answer, use the coin toss practice. Very often our intuition has already told us what the best choice is for us but our analytical mind or self doubt may cloud the decision. With this in mind, use the coin toss practice exercise.  If for example you have two job offers and you’re not sure, toss a coin. You will feel a sense of truth about what is right for you based on your reaction of the results. This is one way to get in touch with the “line to the divine”. If the coin toss reveals a sense of YES!, your intuition is speaking to you. If you get an answer that makes you feel uncomfortable or disappointed, maybe you should re-think the result. That reaction is also your intuition speaking to you! Mostly, pay attention to the way it feels with the outcome. This exercise is all about learning what connecting to your higher self, your guides, etc. feels like. You’d never want to make decisions just based on a coin toss, but it’s a great get in touch exercise.

The next one to try is also about finding clarity. If you are stuck on a situation and need guidance, take a moment to write down the issue with some detail. After you have completed this task, stop and put your pen down. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, open your eyes and then pick up the pen and start writing. Try not to think about the solution, just allow the information to flow through you. You may hear your own inner voice, you may see pictures playing out – write it all down. What are you feeling? You may just know the answer. If you start writing something down that is completely illogical, great! Keep writing and keep listening to your inner voice. Allow the information to flow. I suggest that when you’ve written all that has come through, step away and come back to what you’ve written down a little later. What you read may or may not resonate with you (especially with your logical mind). What I would suggest that you do if the information you received doesn’t resonate, sit with it a moment or two. Let the ideas and inspiration sink in. Sometimes we don’t always get the answer that we want but typically the guidance is worth some consideration.

Have fun and good luck!


March 13, 2010

I think it would be useful for everyone to occasionally observe their meditations. I’ve been trying to meditate more the past week or so and I’d like to share my experience with this one on the 8th of March. Information usually spontaneously pops into my head so this was a great experience. I saw myself in a pitch black, dark room, not sure where I was, where I was going (a little telling I suppose). I was bumping into furniture. I then saw a door. I could tell it was a door because there was a very, very thin outline of brilliant white light. So of course I walked toward the door. Now when I sit to meditate I use that image (of a dark room) which helps me sink into the zone. During the meditation I will eventually start seeing light in my mind’s eye. Typically for me it’s a yellow or yellowish green light. It starts forming a ball and then dissipates, then forms a ball again, dissipates and it goes on and on like that for a bit. The experience is like moving through a tunnel. This is very similar to when I am doing a reading (focusing, having a tunnel like experience and then being in the space where information is presented). This light I saw in my minds eye eventually turned into a wave like shape, starting with one white dot and eventually many white dots. For one thing it tells me I am going deeper into a trance state. I occasionally channel and this is a method that I use to go deeper into the trance state. During this color experience I also spontaneously became emotional. This often happens when I am feeling spirit around me. This could be true of your personal experience as well. There was no thinking information was coming through. The experience felt more like a download of some kind. I noticed (I recorded the session) that I also started to talk slower, like a person can be when they just wake up. Then I got into the nitty-gritty piece of the mediation. This experience was quite illuminating (with information). During this meditation I decided to record the material. I just finished transcribing the information that flowed through and it was really useful. I didn’t go into a meditative state with questions in mind but once I was “there” I was able to ask a few questions that revealed just what I needed to know at this time. I must admit, I am not one to sit for more than 10 minutes but once I was in, I was able to stay in that space for over 30 minutes because I lost track of time.


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